Networking Services

BusinessWith has developed a wide network of partners, consisting of cross-functional professionals from different industries and areas, aiming at being connected to businesses. The purpose of networking and connecting professionals with businesses is to create added value for both of them, by making full use of the professionals’ skillsets and transferring knowledge and know how to businesses, in order to innovate and strengthen their structures. Networking service is provided in B2B sessions under the guidance of BusinessWith, in which the meeting parts discuss the potential of a partnership.

Business Redesign

Further to the assessment and diagnose of your business, BusinessWith designs and suggests the strategic action plan of addressing and overcoming any diagnosed weakness of the business under examination. The process of designing the strategic action plan includes the design of alternative plans, in which different parameters are tested and results are assessed and presented to you in order to decide the most suitable for your business. The strategic plan is implemented either by BusinessWith’s network of partners or by your business partners under the coordination and supervision of BusinessWith.

Negotiation services

Modern business environment has made negotiation skills a prerogative for every businessperson and for the development of every business. The proper negotiation of a partnership agreement is necessary for the success of the partnership and the business. BusinessWith provides you with negotiation services, either by representing in the negotiation, or by training and guiding you to participate in a negotiation.

Specialized Services

BusinessWith, in order to assess the current condition of your business, diagnose its weaknesses and suggest the most viable solution, consults with cross-functional professionals from different industries and areas, monitors and examines every aspect of the business processes and management with a view to the entrepreneur as well as to the clients. This requires a wide range of services which are provided by BusinessWith’s network of partners under the supervision and coordination of BusinessWith.

BusinessWith has developed a wide network of partners who, for illustration reasons only, specialize in the following fields:

Marketing και digital marketing

Digital marketing is the modern business tool, which facilitates the formation of corporate profile, enhances clientele and enables enterprises to access new markets. The design of alternative strategic plans of digital marketing enables entrepreneur to choose based on measurable data the most suitable strategy for the business profile.

Economic and financial management

The survival of businesses in the modern business environment requires continuous monitoring of their financial data aiming at streamlining management and achieving optimum results based on the available resources.

Accounting and financial reporting

Proper accounting management is an integral component of modern businesspeople in order to protect their businesses from administrative penalties and fines, which are enforced by the law in case of Infringement and create an additional burden to the business.

Tax management and planning

Proper and suitable for each enterprise and entrepreneur tax management is one of the most demanding services due to the plethora of existing and future tax laws concerning not only the domestic but also the business activities taking place abroad. As a result tax management requires expertise and overall knowledge of the legal and institutional framework.

Legal consulting

Legal consulting is required in every level of business development and every field of business activity ensuring the protection of the enterprise’s and the entrepreneur’s rights and interests.

Human resources management

Choosing the most suitable personnel and collaborators for a business is one of the most important and demanding procedures for the efficient functioning of the business. A necessary condition for the success of a business is the recruitment of people with complementary skills and the ability to be a team player or work on their own whenever this is required.