1Does BusinessWith provide accounting services?
No, BusinessWith has established partnerships with accounting firms, which may provide you with accounting services or may monitor your accountant.
2Does BusinessWith provide monitoring services for my company’s accounting department?
No, BusinessWith has established partnerships with accounting firms, which may monitor your company’s accounting department.
3Does BusinessWith provide Marketing and digital Marketing services?
No, BusinessWith has established partnerships with marketing and digital marketing specialists, who may provide you with marketing or digital marketing services.
4Does BusinessWith provide tax services to my business?
No, BusinessWith has established partnerships with tax specialists, who may provide tax services to your business
5Does BusinessWith deal with the legal cases of my business?
No, BusinessWith has established partnerships with attorneys and law firms specialised in business law, who may provide legal services to your business.
6Does BusinessWith provide human resources management services to my business?
No BusinessWith has established partnerships with specialists of the human resources sector, who may provide human resources services to your business.
7Why should I choose BusinessWith since you don’t provide any of the aforementioned services?
BusinessWith is a ‘hub’ of business services which are provided by specialised professionals under the coordination and supervision of BusinessWith. As a result choosing BusinessWith will save you time from arranging and attending meetings with different professionals, choosing whom you will work with, coordinating and monitoring them.
8What is the cost of BusinessWith’s services?
The first meeting with BusinessWith is free of charge, aiming to knowing your needs. Further to the first meeting we draft a plan of actions needed to be taken according to your needs. In the same plan of actions we include the estimated cost of BusinessWith’s services. The cost of coaching and mentoring services is described here.
9Does BusinessWith monitor and evaluate the function and processes or the management of my business?
Yes, BusinessWith monitors the way your business functions as well as how it is managed, not only for the customer’s benefit but also for your benefit and delivers you a report of the findings and the recommended solutions.
10When does my business need negotiation services?
Negotiation is required to our everyday life. Especially for businesses negotiation is required for every agreement or partnership that you decide to revise or establish, from recruiting personnel to establishing a business partnership.
11Can BusinessWith represent or assist me or my business in a negotiation?
Yes, BusinessWith has established partnerships with experienced negotiators, with solid knowledge of legal and financial issues required for a successful negotiation.
12When does my business need crisis management services?
Crisis management services aim at preventing or responding to incidents, which may challenge the proper functioning of your business. Such incidents differ among businesses of different sectors, thus their prevention is of great importance for every business.
13Can BusinessWith assist me in making business decisions?
Yes, BusinessWith through the business coaching service assists you in clarifying and prioritizing your concerns, points out the advantages and disadvantages of your options and assists you deciding and implementing your decisions.
14Can BusinessWith assist me in the everyday decision making process regarding the business issues I have to deal with?
Yes BusinessWith with the business coaching service can assist you and train you to manage effectively the everyday issues of your business
15Can Businesswith assist me in finding new business activities or markets or make better use of the existing resources of my business?
Yes BusinessWith with the business coaching service and with the assistance of its network of partners can assist you to explore new professional and business activities.