Personal mentoring

BusinessWith provides Personal Mentoring, training you to strengthen and develop your skillset and assists you to use it in an efficient and effective way in order to succeed in your goals and meet you expectations. Mentoring is a means of enabling the mentee to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to perform at a higher level. It is about a nurturing relationship between the mentor and the mentee aiming at the support and personal growth of the mentee and the development of a wider and deeper development and enhancement of the mentee’s professional and social talents and skills. This is accomplished through the management and utilization of the mentee’s skills and competences, as well as through the identification and clarification of the mentee’s personal and professional aims and expectations. Mentor’s tools include arts, history, psychology, economics and any subject suitable for the mentee’s interests, development and formation.

Life Coaching

BusinessWith provides Life Coaching to assist you and guide you in order to review and address the issues creating obstacles and challenging your personal development. Life coaching aims at examining, analysing and clarifying the factors that affect your personal and professional life. Such factors usually impede your efforts to manage personal and professional success, to strengthen you confidence, and to focus on your goals. Life coaching is not a treatment, on the contrary life coaching aims at assisting you and at the same time training you on the decision making process about your life.